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When we find a useful web app that can benefit our readers we post it here.

SAPS Latest Media Statements by Province

View the latest SAPS Media Statement by Province.

Luxury Watches

Renew Your Motor Vehicle Licence Online

You can now renew and pay online for your motor vehicle license renewal and have it delivered to you. Visit to renew your motor vehicle license now!

Check Your Driver’s License Status

Click here if you want to check the status of your South African driver’s license renewal and if your new card is ready for collection.

Do you know the ward councillor candidates for your area?

Click here to check who is running for ward councillor in your area.

Jedi Private Search Engine is an alternative private search engine.

A.I. Symptom Checker is a useful digital health assistant that can help you narrow down diseases based on your symptoms. We absolutely love it.

Background Ambience Generator will help you focus, meditate or relax.

Classify Galaxies

Galaxy Zoo is a community scientist project where anyone can help astronomers identify galaxies.

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