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South Africa’s Wall of Lost Loved Ones: A Call for Help

A stark collage of all the faces that stare out at you – mothers, fathers, children, friends. These are the missing people of South Africa, their absence is a wound upon our nation.

Open Missing Persons Wall Fullscreen

The Heartbreaking Reality

Sadly, South Africa faces a crisis of missing persons. Each face on this wall represents a vanished life, a family left in agonising uncertainty. The reasons for disappearances are complex – crime, accidents, and human trafficking. Yet, what unites them is the desperate need for answers.

How You Can Help

  • Spread Awareness: Share these faces, and their stories. A single social media post could bring vital information.
  • Report Sightings: If you think you have seen a missing person, contact the investigating officer immediately. Even the smallest detail could prove crucial.
  • Volunteer: Organisations dedicated to finding the missing need your support. Donate your time or resources.
  • Support Us, Support Them: By supporting our advertisers you help us maintain this wall and shine a continuous spotlight on this often-overlooked issue.

Let this wall testify to the determination to find the missing and a beacon of hope for those who wait.

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