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Mixed Fuel Price Outlook for April, Consumers Remain Under Pressure

Michael Hawthorne

South African motorists should expect a slight increase in petrol prices this April, according to unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF). However, the Automobile Association (AA) notes that the same data suggests a slight decrease in diesel and illuminating paraffin prices.

The AA acknowledges that while the fuel outlook is mixed, any relief for consumers is welcome, especially with the approaching Easter holidays.

Based on the latest CEF data, ULP95 petrol could increase by roughly 10 cents per litre, with ULP93 expected to increase by around 9 cents per litre. Wholesale diesel prices are projected to decrease between 34-38 cents per litre and illuminating paraffin costs are expected to decrease by around 47 cents per litre.

“The decrease in diesel and paraffin prices is certainly good news,” says the AA. “Diesel is a big input cost in major sectors, and an increase here often contributes to increased prices of basic commodities.”

The AA remains hopeful for future fuel price relief, stating, “If the Rand/US Dollar exchange rate, as well as the movement in international product prices, continues in its current downward trajectory, there is a likelihood of a much-needed price decrease.”

The AA advises motorists to budget accordingly this Easter holiday and ensure their vehicles are roadworthy. Until April 2nd, the AA is offering free holiday vehicle checks. To book an appointment, motorists should contact a participating dealer.


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