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Shoddy Swings Spark Safety Concerns in Cape Town Playgrounds

Michael Hawthorne

Mark Jackson, a concerned resident of Sea Point, has raised an alarm on The Atlantic Seaboard Community Forum Facebook group regarding the poor quality and potential safety hazards of newly installed swings in Cape Town’s playgrounds.

Jackson’s post, accompanied by an infographic titled “City of CAPE TOWN – Play-park SWING FAILURE!”, highlights several issues with the new swings. These include exposed cut wires on the tyres, missing side safety bars, and sharp brackets that pose a laceration risk.

The infographic features a disturbing image of a child’s leg with a cut allegedly sustained from a new swing at De Waal Park on March 3rd, 2024. It further questions the City of Cape Town’s (CoCT) commitment to child safety and quality control, particularly in light of their ambitious R5 billion project to convert sewage into drinking water.

Jackson urges residents to report any unsafe swings they encounter by emailing a photo with the date and park name to

The post concludes with a call to action, encouraging residents to share the information to raise awareness about the issue.


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