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Day: March 9, 2024

Human Activity Stresses Knysna’s Lone Female Elephant, Studies Confirm

Photo of a female elephant in Knysna forest by filmmaker Ryan Davy.

GARDEN ROUTE – Recent studies by South African National Parks (SANParks) have shed light on the well-being of the solitary female elephant inhabiting the Knysna forest. The organisation conducted a detailed assessment of the elephant’s physiological and behavioural patterns to guide future management decisions. Stress hormone analysis of the elephant’s dung revealed fluctuations based on […]

Embrace Wine Bottle Recycling: Reduce Landfill Waste and Support Sustainability

Photo of wine bottle recycling by Overstrand Municipality.

OVERBERG – As the wine industry continues to thrive, recycling wine bottles becomes increasingly important for landfill reduction and environmental responsibility. Here’s how you can contribute to this important initiative: Wine bottles boast impressive recycling potential. Undamaged bottles undergo a meticulous cleaning and inspection process at bottle-washing facilities, after which they are returned to wineries […]

Teenager Evacuated from Cruise Ship After Significant Injury

Opening a path to safety: The cruise ship's emergency deck becomes the starting point of a journey to care for an injured young man. Photo by NSRI.

RICHARDS BAY – An 18-year-old male passenger was evacuated from a cruise ship heading towards Richards Bay in the early hours of the morning after sustaining a significant injury. The evacuation was carried out by the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) following a request from the ship. The teenager believed to be from Johannesburg, had […]

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