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Table View Residents Face Recurring Sewage Nightmare

Michael Hawthorne

City Confirms Pump Failure, Outlines Fixes Amid Residents Frustration

Residents of Table View are enduring a recurring sewage overflow at the corner of Sprigg Road, with raw sewage flooding the area for at least four consecutive days. Photos shared online document the severity of the problem, and residents say this is a sadly regular occurrence, with the root cause allegedly stemming from Penz Drive.

Resident Voices Concern

John Michie, a resident who shared the photos on a Table View Facebook Group, expressed his frustration: “Corner of Sprigg Road flooded with raw sewage again. Fourth time in four days. This is a regular occurrence and the Municipality doesn’t seem to have a solution to the problem which apparently stems from Penz Drive.”

The Cape Navigator submitted questions to the City of Cape Town, receiving answers from Councillor Zahid Badroodien, Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation.

City’s Response

The City confirmed they are aware of the recurring issue. The primary cause lies in a mechanical leak at the Table View East Pump Station.

Councillor Badroodien outlines the steps taken to fix the situation:

Long-Term Plans

While the situation is being addressed, the City is also focusing on preventing future sewage problems:

Residents Frustration

Despite the City’s response, residents are understandably frustrated by the recurring nature of the problem. The Cape Navigator will continue to monitor the situation and update readers as the City implements long-term solutions.



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