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NSRI Rescues German Family from Gorge and Assists Charter Vessel with Engine Failure

Michael Hawthorne

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has received commendation for their quick actions in two separate rescue incidents in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.

German Hikers Rescued from Gorge

In Plettenberg Bay, NSRI coast watchers from Nature’s Valley were alerted to a German couple and their toddler who were stranded in a gorge along the Kalanderkloof Trail. The woman had reportedly suffered an injury.

NSRI Plettenberg Bay swiftly responded, with a former Mountain Club of South Africa member assisting due to his knowledge of the trail. Anticipating the potential impact of a heavy downpour, the NSRI swift water rescue team was also placed on high alert.

Upon arrival, medical treatment was provided to the woman. To expedite the rescue, a high-angle technical rope system was set up, allowing the couple and the child to be safely lifted from the gorge. The injured woman was transported to a hospital in Plettenberg Bay and is expected to fully recover.

Charter Vessel Rescued in Knysna Heads

In a separate incident in Knysna, the NSRI Knysna duty crew responded to a distress call from a lagoon charter vessel experiencing engine failure in the Knysna Heads. The vessel had drifted onto rocks on the Eastern Head.

With assistance from SANParks rangers and the public, the two passengers and two crew members were safely brought to shore. NSRI rescue swimmers assessed the casualties for any injuries.

A private ski boat was able to tow the charter vessel back into deeper water, and it was then brought back to Leisure Isle harbour. The two rescued passengers were tourists from the United States.

NSRI Commends Teamwork

The NSRI has praised the swift response in both incidents and the cooperation between its teams, other rescue services, and members of the public in ensuring successful and safe outcomes.

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