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Brutal Panga Attack Leaves Man Critical in Cape Town

Michael Hawthorne

WYNBERG, CAPE TOWN – A man is fighting for his life after a vicious panga attack in the bustling Wynberg business district. The horrific incident unfolded in front of the Castletown Centre on Sussex Road, leaving bystanders shocked and horrified.

Anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee shared a graphic image of the victim on social media, highlighting the severity of the attack. The man is seen lying in a pool of blood with critical injuries.

“Man in a critical condition after being attacked with pangas in Wynberg, Cape Town. Circumstances leading to the attack are unclear,” Abramjee stated.

The motive for this brutal assault remains unknown, and authorities are likely investigating the matter. This incident underscores the ongoing concerns about violent crime in South Africa, particularly in urban areas.

Citizens are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Updates to this developing story will be provided as more information becomes available.


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