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[WATCH] Stinky ‘Death Ship’ Departs Cape Town, NSPCA Calls for Export Ban

Michael Hawthorne

CAPE TOWN – The Al Kuwait, dubbed the “Big Stink” livestock carrier responsible for the noxious odour that enveloped Cape Town, has set sail for Iraq. However, the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) warns the suffering of animals on board such vessels is far from over.

NSPCA inspectors endured three days examining the horrific conditions on the Al Kuwait. Their report details appalling scenes: extreme build-ups of excrement, diseased and injured animals, and the deaths of several cows during the docked period.

“This is a stark reminder that live animal export by sea is inherently cruel,” the NSPCA states, emphasizing the need for urgent legislative reform to end this practice.

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While grateful to the South African government for allowing the ship to dock and load feed, the NSPCA urges them to cease authorizing future shipments until enforceable regulations are in place. A total ban on live animal exports by sea remains their primary goal.



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