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[WATCH] Dr Phil Question Motives Behind Chinese Purchases of US Farmland

Michael Hawthorne

USA – Popular figures Dr Phil McGraw and Joe Rogan have sparked a national conversation surrounding China’s growing ownership of US farmland. During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, they delved into concerns about the strategic motivations of these acquisitions, especially those occurring close to sensitive US military installations.

The discussion highlighted that while the amount of Chinese-owned farmland may seem small percentage-wise, the locations seem deliberate. Purchases are often clustered around critical locations like stealth bomber training bases and drone operations centres. This raises suspicions that these investments may not be purely commercial but part of a larger strategic plan.

Adding to the concern is the example of a proposed Chinese-owned wind farm project. While presented as a renewable energy investment, the chosen site notably adjoined an important military facility. This proximity led to the project being blocked, amplifying worries about covert surveillance or other strategic intentions.

Rogan and Dr Phil emphasized the need to distinguish between Chinese citizens and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Given the CCP’s control over Chinese businesses, concerns persist that seemingly harmless farmland purchases could serve a broader, less transparent purpose.

Food security worries were also brought to light. The possibility of China, through state-influenced corporations, controlling access to US grain supplies is a significant worry for American farmers. These issues underscore a need for increased transparency and scrutiny regarding foreign land investments of this nature.

While focusing on the US situation, this conversation highlights broader security and economic concerns surrounding foreign investment policies worldwide. Nations must carefully examine the potential risks and long-term implications of such land deals the conversation reveals.


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