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‘Death Ship’ Stench Raises Alarm in Cape Town

Michael Hawthorne

CAPE TOWN – A sickening stench, described by residents as a mix of raw sewage and ammonia, has blanketed parts of Cape Town, leaving locals alarmed and speculating on social media. The City of Cape Town initially suspected a fault in their pump stations but has since shifted focus to a ship docked at the harbour.

The source of the odour has been confirmed: a Kuwaiti livestock carrier, Al Kuwait, is currently in the process of loading 19,000 cattle bound for Iraq from Brazil. This latest development further fuels the long-standing controversy surrounding the live export of animals by sea.

‘Death Ship’ Stench Raises Alarm in Cape Town

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) along with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA are involved in an active on-board investigation of the vessel. Dr Bryce Marock, NSPCA Veterinary Consultant, and his team have been inspecting the ship since Sunday evening.

“The smell onboard is unimaginable, yet the animals face this every single day,” the NSPCA said in a statement. “This smell is indicative of the awful conditions the animals endure, having already spent 2½ weeks on board, with a build-up of faeces and ammonia.”

The animal welfare organizations reiterate their ongoing fight against the inhumane practice of live animal export across long distances by sea.

Public Outrage

Cape Town residents have taken to social media platforms to voice their disgust and anger about the situation. Many are horrified to learn about the sheer number of animals suffering aboard the vessel and are calling for an outright ban on this form of transport.

The City of Cape Town is continuing its investigation, with further updates on the matter expected as more information becomes available.



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