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Customer Hit with R149.94 Bill for 6 Coney Rolls, While Another Scores Block of Cheese Marked as Cooked Pap for Only R4.38

Michael Hawthorne

Pricing Mismatch at Food Lover’s Market Sparks Debate on Customer Service in Retail

In a recent incident at Food Lover’s Market in Parklands, Cape Town, a resident found themselves in a quirky situation when they were charged R149.94 for what should have been a simple purchase of 6 coney rolls. The customer, who took to the Table View Neighbours Original – NO advertising allowed Facebook Group, expressed their astonishment, stating, “I know bread prices have gone up, but (R149.94 for) 6 coney rolls? Obviously a mistake. The inconvenience of driving back. Check your stuff (Food Lover’s).”

Coney Rolls is what the customer bought.
Kitka Loaves is what was charged for instead.

Responses from group members varied, with one member pointing out, “Both the staff and you made a mistake. I usually check my groceries in-store, not at home.” Another member emphasized the importance of checking till slips before leaving the store, saying, “I never leave any store without checking my till slip. Many errors have been picked up, and it is inconvenient but worth it!”

Win Some Lose Some

The incident didn’t stand alone, as another group member shared a picture of a block of cheese purchased from Parklands SPAR, which was mistakenly marked as cooked pap, priced at a bargain of only R4.38 for 146g. With a touch of humour, the member wrote, “Find a block of cheese marked pap, and you’re fair and square 😂.”

Acknowledging the pricing mishap, another member commented, “Seems you’ve been charged for 6 loaves instead of 6 rolls. Such a pain. I’d go back though 😅.” Yet another member expressed their frustration, stating, “It has gone bad there, with price mismatches,” and added, “Would definitely go back! That’s just ridiculous!”

A Slump in Customer Service

The incident raises questions about the current state of customer service in retail, with some members of the community sharing their concerns about the decline in service quality. As both retail and the public face challenges such as rising fuel costs and the inconvenience of driving back to the store, consumers are left to weigh the costs and benefits of going back to the store to dispute pricing errors, even when they are as glaringly obvious as this one.

In an era where every rand counts and convenience is key, the incident at Food Lover’s Market serves as a reminder that both customers and retailers need to remain vigilant to maintain trust and satisfaction in the retail experience.


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