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Cape Town Residents Urged to Prepare for Planned Water Supply Disruptions from 19 to 23 February

Michael Hawthorne

CAPE TOWN – The City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate has announced planned water supply maintenance from 19 to 23 February, impacting various areas in and around Cape Town. The essential work aims to improve water supply infrastructure and reduce water wastage, forming part of the City’s Water Demand Management Strategy.

Zero-Pressure Tests and Conditional Assessments:

Scheduled zero-pressure tests (ZPT) and conditional assessments will be conducted in specific areas on the following days:

These tests are crucial for pressure management technology installations, aiming to identify unmapped inflows and ensure the effectiveness of pressure-reducing valves.

Impact on Residents:

During the overnight testing period, residents in affected areas may experience low water pressure, and in some instances, no water from their taps. The exact locations of disruptions cannot be predicted, emphasizing the need for residents to store sufficient water for domestic use.

Maintenance Work Schedule:

Maintenance work, including pipe and valve installations, repairs, and replacements, will result in water supply disruption to various areas:

Residents in these areas are advised to take note of the specific disruptions and prepare accordingly.

City’s Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance:

The Water and Sanitation Directorate’s proactive maintenance and upgrade program addresses unaccounted-for water issues, ensuring the future continuity of water supply. The City acknowledges potential inconveniences and requests residents’ understanding.

What Residents Need to Know:

The City emphasizes that all maintenance sites are off-limits to the public. In the event of extended maintenance periods, residents may experience temporary discolouration in water due to trapped air in the pipes.

Preparation for Water Supply Disruptions:

To minimize inconvenience, residents are advised to:

The City of Cape Town appreciates residents’ cooperation and apologizes for any inconvenience caused during this critical maintenance period.

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