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Power Restoration in the Karoo Expected Within the Next 24 Hours

Michael Hawthorne

KAROO – In a promising development, Eskom, the national power utility, is set to restore electricity to the Karoo region by 12:00 midday tomorrow February 15. This announcement follows ongoing efforts to repair and reconnect the region to the national grid.

A media statement released today revealed that Eskom has assured the Western Cape Government (WCG) that preparations are underway to reconnect the Karoo with electricity. The temporary structures are in place, and the stringing of conductors is progressing well, with completion expected later today.

During a daily update meeting this morning, Eskom, Premier Alan Winde, and Anton Bredell, the Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs, and Development Planning, discussed the progress. Premier Winde emphasized the need for a cautious approach during the restart, describing it as a ‘cold start’ that will take several hours.

The restarting process involves seven substations and multiple cold transformers in Laingsburg and the surrounding area. Minister Bredell explained that the gradual warming-up of transformers will commence at 12:00 tomorrow, with electricity expected to be restored later in the day.

Premier Winde urged residents to cooperate during the restart, requesting them to switch off all appliances to avoid a sudden load on the network. He also emphasized the phased reconnection of devices to the live power to manage demand effectively.

To support Eskom’s efforts, the WCG will continue running generators for government services currently using them, helping lessen the load on the cold network. Residents are encouraged to report any electrical faults to Eskom during the cold restart, anticipating potential disruptions.

Despite the challenges, the Western Cape Department of Social Development has been actively providing food relief in affected areas of the Central Karoo. Hundreds of households in various towns and informal settlements have received assistance, and three old age facilities in Prince Albert, Laingsburg, and Ladysmith were enabled to purchase diesel for generators.

Provincial Minister of Social Development, Sharna Fernandez, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the extensive relief efforts. Premier Winde thanked the residents for their patience, acknowledging the difficult time they faced during the power outage.

As the collaborative efforts continue, the Western Cape Government remains optimistic about the timely restoration of power to all affected areas by tomorrow, bringing relief to the communities that have endured over 12 days without electricity.



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