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Urgent Plea for Assistance: Family Reconnection Mission for Joan Maltman

Michael Hawthorne

In a heartfelt plea for help, Rudi Sygo, a concerned individual, has taken to social media across the country to urgently seek any information regarding the family or relatives of Joan Maltman. Joan, currently in a fragile state of health, expresses a deep desire to reconnect with her family during this critical time.

The search specifically focuses on locating Marina (Maiden Name – Van Nieuwenhuizen), believed to be the half-sister of Joan Maltman. It is understood that Marina may not be aware of Joan’s present situation, making the re-establishment of contact particularly meaningful.

Rudi Sygo, the initiator of this quest for family reconnection, emphasizes the importance, in a message posted on social media, sharing a recent photograph of Joan to aid in the identification process.The community is urged to come forward with any information that could assist in locating Marina.

Rudi’s message reads, “Hello Everyone, My name is Rudi Sygo, and I hope this message finds each of you well. We are currently trying to locate a lady named Marina (Maiden Name – Van Nieuwenhuizen), who we believe is the half-sister of Joan Maltman. Joan is presently in a fragile state of health and wishes to reconnect with her family during this critical time, with Marina being of particular importance. We understand that Marina may not be aware of Joan’s situation, and re-establishing contact could be very meaningful. To assist in identifying Joan, we have attached a recent photograph of her. Please know that we are committed to handling this matter with the utmost discretion and respect for privacy. If anyone in this group has information that could aid in locating Marina or knows someone who might, your assistance would be invaluable. For any further details, potential leads, or direct communication, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration in this significant matter. Your help could truly make a difference. Rudi.”

This urgent appeal calls upon the community to come together, share information, and contribute to a potentially life-changing reunion. The discovery of Marina could bring comfort and solace to Joan Maltman during this critical juncture.


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