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Shape South Africa’s Energy Future as Deadline for Public Comments on Integrated Resource Plan Extended

Michael Hawthorne

In a bid to gather comprehensive public input, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mr Gwede Mantashe, has extended the deadline for public comments on the draft Integrated Resource Plan 2023 (IRP2023). The announcement, made during the recent Mining Indaba, extends the window for public participation until 23 March 2024.

The IRP2023 serves as a crucial roadmap for the nation’s electricity generation, aiming to ensure a secure and balanced electricity supply while considering environmental concerns and the overall cost of supply. The Ministry invites the public to share their insights on the assumptions, input parameters, scenarios, and observations outlined in the draft. The comments received will play a pivotal role in shaping the final policy-adjusted plan, which will ultimately determine the future energy mix for South Africa.

The draft IRP2023 follows a meticulous scientific process, accounting for various scenarios and the latest developments in the country’s electricity industry. It spans two-time horizons, with the first phase (up to 2030) addressing current generation capacity constraints and system requirements to close the supply gap. The second phase (2031 to 2050) focuses on long-term electricity generation planning, charting pathways to achieve a resilient Net Zero electricity sector by 2050.

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To facilitate public access, a copy of the draft reviewed Integrated Resource Plan and relevant documents are available on the official website: Members of the public are encouraged to submit written comments for consideration via the official submission form: Public Comment Submission Form or through email at

This extended deadline provides an opportunity for citizens to actively contribute to the nation’s energy future, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives in crafting a sustainable and resilient energy sector for South Africa.


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