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[WATCH] Legacy of Credo Mutwa: Zulu Healer’s Call for Global Awakening of the Mother Mind Resonates

Michael Hawthorne

In a profound and thought-provoking message shared with the world, the late esteemed Zulu Sangoma (healer) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa called upon humanity to tap into the deeper recesses of consciousness and awaken what he referred to as the ‘mother mind.’ Mutwa believed that every individual, regardless of gender, possessed two minds—the logical warrior mind and the intuitive mother mind. Urging a transcendence of conventional thinking, he encouraged people to connect with the mother mind, perceiving the world in a non-linear, holistic manner.

The revered healer emphasized the importance of feeling and understanding the world beyond the limitations of mere logic. ‘We must awaken the mother mind within us. We must feel what is going on in the world. We mustn’t just listen to newspapers; we must ourselves feel,’ Mutwa passionately declared. According to Zulu tradition, men are urged to think with their pelvic area, the space where life is nurtured and born, fostering a unique perspective that transcends conventional thought patterns.

Mutwa challenged individuals to view the environment not as inanimate objects but as living entities akin to themselves. ‘I must no longer look at a tree, but I must see a living entity like me in that thing. I must no longer look at a stone, but I must see the future lying dormant in that stone,’ he explained. This perspective encourages a holistic approach to understanding the interconnectedness of all things, mirroring the way grandmothers think.

The healer’s call to awaken the mother mind resonates with the need for a more profound and empathetic connection to the world, urging individuals to think sideways, upwards, and downwards. Mutwa’s message transcends cultural boundaries, offering a universal appeal for a shift in consciousness towards a more empathetic and interconnected existence.

As the world grapples with multifaceted challenges, Credo Mutwa’s message serves as a timeless reminder to embrace a more expansive, intuitive approach to understanding and navigating the complex tapestry of life. His call to awaken the mother mind within each individual echoes beyond cultural confines, urging a collective shift towards a more harmonious and interconnected world.


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