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Knysna Residents Still Waiting for Refund for Double Debit by Municipality

Michael Hawthorne

The coalition government (ANC/PA/EFF/PBI) in Knysna Municipality issued an apology for a grave error that resulted in the double debiting of residents’ municipal accounts. The municipality now faces demands from concerned residents for immediate intervention to rectify the situation and refund the duplicate payments.

Numerous residents were left dismayed when they discovered that their bank accounts had been charged twice for their monthly municipal bills. Although the affected individuals were initially assured of swift reimbursements, the municipality has allegedly failed to expedite the return of the funds. This situation is particularly troubling for vulnerable groups such as pensioners and families, who are unable to bear the financial burden of a double debit.

Subjecting residents, already grappling with economic challenges, to additional financial strain caused by the municipality’s error seems unfair. Now there is a call for transparency from the council regarding their ability to refund affected residents promptly and demand an explanation if they are unable to do so.

Residents, already enduring the consequences of council incompetence, should not be left in the lurch. The municipality faces criticism from residents, urging prompt action to address the situation and alleviate the financial distress faced by households. Given the significant disruption caused by the double debits, residents advocate for urgent resolution and immediate refunds to those affected.

The focus is now on the municipality’s response to the growing discontent among residents, as they await a resolution to the double debits issue that has caused financial hardship and inconvenience to many in Knysna.


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