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Rise in Street Child Crime Sparks Safety Concerns on Atlantic Seaboard

Michael Hawthorne

CAMPS BAY – In a distressing incident yesterday morning 3 February, a Camps Bay woman was attacked and stabbed in the right arm by a street child near the Camps Bay beachfront. According to Peter Flentov, an admin of The Atlantic Seaboard Community Forum, residents and members of a local armed response company provided first aid until she could be transported to the hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The young assailant managed to flee the scene, but Bay Response, a local armed response company, claims to be “closing in” on him after reportedly being identified. The incident underscores the rising concern about the increasing number of street children engaging in criminal activities on the Atlantic Seaboard.

The Western Cape Government’s Department of Social Development, mandated by law to lead in addressing the issue of street children on the Atlantic Seaboard, is facing criticism for failing both residents and the street children. Flentov, who attended a meeting convened by the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum earlier this week, is scheduled to meet with stakeholders to gain further insights into the problem.

In a separate report by the Sea Point CID, Jacques Weber, the SPCID Chairman, expressed growing concern about street children entering the Atlantic Seaboard and engaging in criminal activities. An attempted robbery incident was reported on Main Road, Sea Point, where one of the CID foot patrollers was stabbed in the ear. The suspects were identified, detained, and handed over to the SAPS.

Yesterday’s incident in Camps Bay mirrored the Sea Point incident, further emphasizing the coordinated deployment of these “street kids.” Heather Tager, Chief Operations Officer of the SPCID, is taking the matter to all levels within the City’s safety and security department and engaging with senior City management to address the escalating concern.

Despite efforts to contact the SAPS for comments on the Camps Bay stabbing, The Cape Navigator has received no informative response at the time of publication. Technical difficulties, including emails not being delivered and lack of responses, are hindering media inquiries, and raising concerns about communication channels with law enforcement agencies.

As the community grapples with safety concerns, the SPCID emphasizes the urgent need for intervention by authorities and the Western Cape Department of Social Development. Until concrete action is taken, residents and visitors are left anxious, and the Sea Point Business District is actively working to allocate all available resources to maintain an incident-free environment in the area.

The community demands accountability from elected public representatives to ensure the safety and security of all.


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