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Relief and Challenges as Overstrand Wildfires Enter Day 7

Michael Hawthorne

In the latest update on the Overstrand wildfires, Day 7 has brought a mix of relief and ongoing challenges for firefighting crews battling blazes in the Hangklip Road/Pringle Bay and Buffeljags/Pearly Beach areas. Night operations were relatively calm, and rain provided a welcome respite in Pearly Beach, cooling down the active fire line. However, the situation remains precarious, with crews on high alert for potential flare-ups that could reignite the fires.

Hangklip Road/Pringle Bay Fire

The Pringle Bay Fire continues to be in the “mop-up and patrol” phase along the Hangklip Road. Crews are grappling with dense vegetation that has been smouldering for the past two days. Tactical efforts involve using chainsaws to carve paths to access smouldering hotspots, particularly in Division Z along Hangklip Road. The challenging alien vegetation poses obstacles for ground firefighters, requiring meticulous efforts to ensure complete extinguishment.

Buffeljags/Pearly Beach Fire:

As of the latest update, the Pearly Beach Fire has no active fire line, but the extensive and hot fire lines in the dense alien vegetation pose an ongoing risk of flare-ups. Crews have initiated mop-up operations and are actively creating a control line along the mountain above Pearly Beach. Collaboration is evident, with Overstrand Municipality receiving assistance from neighbouring municipalities, external agencies, and volunteers.

Warning to Residents:

Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any flare-ups promptly to the Fire & Rescue emergency control room at 028 312 2400. Despite progress, the fire lines in alien-infested areas can smoulder for days, emphasizing the need for continuous monitoring.


Overstrand Municipal Manager, Dean O’Neill, expressed gratitude for the collective efforts, support, and prayers during this challenging week. The collaboration of various entities, including neighbouring municipalities, external agencies, and volunteers, has been crucial in managing wildfires.

As the Overstrand community navigates through these challenging times, the unity and resilience demonstrated by all involved serve as a beacon of hope amid the charred landscape. The Overstrand Municipality continues to provide updates and remains committed to overcoming the wildfires that have tested the community’s strength and spirit.


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