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Homeless Man Allegedly Found Murdered at Table View Communal Parking Area

Michael Hawthorne

TABLE VIEW, CAPE TOWN – In a shocking turn of events, an alleged well-known homeless man was found dead in a communal parking area at Flamingo Square on Blauwberg Road, Table View. The circumstances surrounding the death are uncertain, with speculations ranging from a possible stabbing to strangulation. Residents are growing increasingly concerned as details remain elusive due to delays in information from the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The incident came to light when a resident posted on social media in the Blouberg Community Facebook Group, mentioning the apparent death of a homeless person. The lack of concrete information has led to heightened anxiety among locals, with some worriedly speculating whether the deceased could be a kind-hearted homeless individual known to them as William or another Geoffrey.

On social media, residents expressed their distress and shared personal connections with the homeless individuals in the area. One resident, commenting on the post, expressed hope that it wasn’t a person known to them as “William,” describing him as a beautiful soul who always greeted with a smile and loved interacting with children. However, a resident this afternoon shared reassuring news, saying that she had seen William. “Good news (and sad)… I just saw William, and he is alive and well,” she said.

As the community grapples with uncertainty, additional speculations arise about an alleged hit-and-run incident involving a pedestrian, possibly a lady, struck by a speeding Mercedes. One resident recounted the incident involving a fancy black Mercedes near SPAR, describing it as a hit-and-run. Concerned citizens sought updates on this incident, but information remains scarce.

The Cape Navigator reached out to Western Cape SAPS for clarification, but communication hurdles emerged. The media outlet contacted three SAPS spokespersons only to discover that SAPS National had provided an incorrect email for the Western Cape SAPS Media Centre in its Media Standby Updates. The Cape Navigator’s enquiries, along with potentially numerous others, were not received.

Frustrated by the lack of response and clarity, The Cape Navigator as instructed via WhatsApp attempted to rectify the situation by forwarding the enquiries to the correct email address. However, as of now, there is no confirmation that the emails have been read or responded to.

Confusion persists as it remains unclear whether the incidents involve two separate events. Information from a police contact however suggests the alleged murder of a homeless man, but the exact location and circumstances remain unverified. The autopsy is expected to provide more insights into the nature of the death.

As the community awaits answers, residents are left in a state of restlessness, grappling with uncertainty and the perplexing lack of communication from SAPS. The Cape Navigator will continue its efforts to bring clarity to these mysterious and unsettling events, keeping the community informed as the situation unfolds.


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