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Fire Rocks Gansbaai as Wildfires Consume Overberg Region

Michael Hawthorne

In the wake of a series of devastating wildfires wreaking havoc across various areas in the Overberg region, Gansbaai finds itself once again at the mercy of nature’s fury. Johan Le Roux, a resident of Gaansbaai, recently captured the intensity of the latest fire that has engulfed the mountainside near the police station.

Photo of the fire by Johan le Roux.
Photo by Johan le Roux.

Le Roux, who has been vigilantly documenting the unfolding events, shared his account, stating, “Nog ‘n vuur in Gansbaai. Hierdie keer berg se kant van die polisiestasie. Brandweermanne, ‘spotter,’ en twee helikopters is besig om die vuur onder beheer te kry. Die brand aan die berg se kant van die polisiestasie,” translating to, “Another fire in Gansbaai. This time on the mountainside of the police station. Firefighters, spotters, and two helicopters are working to bring the fire under control. The fire is on the mountainside of the police station.”

The Gansbaai Courant reported that one helicopter was redirected to the Pearly Beach area, where it continues to burn unabated in a section inaccessible to firefighters and equipment. However, the mayor, Dr Annelie Rabie, assured in a voicemail that no homes or lives are currently at risk. Contrary to initial reports, it seems that the Gansbaai fire is not behind the police station but rather near the sheep.

The relentless efforts of firefighters, spotters, and aerial support demonstrate the community’s resilience in the face of adversity. With wildfires threatening to spread beyond control, the collective response is crucial in ensuring the safety of residents and the preservation of the region’s natural beauty.

As the battle against the Gansbaai wildfire continues, the Cape Navigator remains committed to keeping the community informed and resilient in the face of these challenging times. Stay tuned for further updates on the ongoing efforts to contain and extinguish the flames threatening the picturesque landscapes of Gansbaai.


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