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Buffeljag Wildfire Escalation: Pearly Beach Resort Under Evacuation Orders

Michael Hawthorne

PEARLY BEACH – In a concerning development on the fourth day of the Buffeljag wildfire, Overstrand Municipality has issued a precautionary evacuation order for Pearly Beach Resort as the flames breach the R43. The escalating situation prompts urgent action, and residents are advised to stay vigilant and comply with authorities for their safety.

Buffeljag Fire Day 4 Update @ 19:30

As of 19:30 on 1 February 2024, the Buffeljag wildfire has intensified, breaching the R43 and necessitating a proactive evacuation approach. Overstrand Municipal Manager, Dean O’Neill, announced the precautionary evacuation order specifically for Pearly Beach Resort. The safety of residents remains the top priority, prompting the designation of the Pearly Beach Angling Club as the emergency evacuation centre.

Emergency Evacuation Information

Residents and visitors in the affected areas are urged to stay alert and follow the instructions of officers on site. Evacuation warnings will be disseminated through multiple channels, including SMS alerts, various community communication groups on platforms like WhatsApp, and the official Facebook Page of Overstrand Municipality.

Community Cooperation Crucial

In light of this emergency, community members are reminded of the importance of swift and cooperative action. Authorities emphasize the need for residents to remain vigilant, adhere to evacuation orders promptly, and support each other during this challenging time.

Issued by Overstrand Municipal Manager, Dean O’Neill

Overstrand Municipality continues to work diligently to manage the evolving situation and provide timely updates. The Cape Navigator advises residents to stay informed through official channels and follow safety guidelines issued by authorities.

As this wildfire crisis unfolds, The Cape Navigator remains committed to delivering accurate and up-to-date information to keep the community informed and safe.

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