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Helihack Operation Ensues Above Newlands Contour: Caution Urged for Park Users

Michael Hawthorne

TABLE MOUNTAIN – In a recent media statement released by SANParks Table Mountain National Park, it has been confirmed that another Helihack operation is currently underway at the Back Table and above Newlands Contour, spanning the area between Hiddingh Ravine and Window Gorge in the Northern Section of Table Mountain National Park.

Park Users are urged to exercise caution and be mindful of the ongoing operation when approaching these specific areas. The Helihack initiative is a vital part of the park’s conservation efforts, aimed at mitigating the spread of invasive plant species and maintaining the ecological balance in the region.

The operation involves the use of helicopters to access remote and challenging terrains, where teams of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to remove invasive vegetation. This crucial effort contributes significantly to the preservation of the unique flora and fauna that call Table Mountain National Park home.

SANParks emphasizes the importance of community involvement in these conservation endeavours, and they express their gratitude to the volunteers who make a difference through their commitment to the Helihack initiative. The hashtag #volunteersmakeadifference underscores the collaborative spirit that is essential in safeguarding the natural beauty and biodiversity of the park.

The statement further advises all park-goers to stay informed about the ongoing Helihack operations, especially in the specified areas between Hiddingh Ravine and Window Gorge. It is crucial to adhere to the guidelines provided by SANParks to ensure the safety of both park users and the dedicated volunteers involved in the Helihack operation.

SANParks encourages the public to follow updates on social media using the hashtags #SANParks, #tablemountainnationalpark, and #helihack to stay informed about ongoing conservation efforts and to promote a shared responsibility for the protection of this iconic natural landmark.


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