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Cape Town Streamlines Development Queries with Single Phone Number

Michael Hawthorne

The City of Cape Town has simplified building and development inquiries by introducing a centralized phone number. Residents and developers can now dial 021 401 4702 for all related questions, streamlining a process that was previously more complex.

“We want to make doing business with the City as easy as possible,” said Alderman Eddie Andrews, the City’s Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment. “This new system provides a simple and convenient way to get the information you need about development projects.”

Previously, those seeking information had to navigate contacting separate district planning offices. The new single number eliminates that hassle, regardless of the project’s location within the city.

“If you’re submitting building plans, applying for land use changes, or have any other development-related questions, just dial 021 401 4702,” Alderman Andrews explained. “Our Contact Hub agents are ready to help.”

The Contact Hub is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00. Agents will provide direct assistance whenever possible and escalate more complex queries to the appropriate officials.



  1. What information do you give to the other residents around a new development or are you just approving everything with no regard to the location and the other people who live there? Those are the people property values you will negatively affect.

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