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Urgent Evacuation Underway as Pringle Bay Faces Escalating Fire Threat

Michael Hawthorne

PRINGLE BAY – In a swift response to the intensifying wildfire threat, Pringle Bay is currently undergoing evacuation as local authorities grapple with challenging conditions that have evolved rapidly. The decision to evacuate was prompted by a series of ongoing challenges that have put the suburb at considerable risk.

Yesterday evening, the municipality dispatched firefighting resources to the area, and these brave responders worked tirelessly throughout the night. Despite their valiant efforts, the situation remained critical, prompting the City of Cape Town to step in with additional personnel and equipment earlier this afternoon.

JP Smith, Cape Town’s MayCo member for Safety and Security, confirmed the urgency of the situation, stating, “The escalating fire conditions in Pringle Bay demand a coordinated and robust response. We are committed to ensuring the safety of residents, and our firefighting teams are working around the clock to contain the threat.”

The evacuation process is being closely coordinated by emergency services, and residents are urged to follow evacuation instructions promptly and cooperate with authorities. As the situation continues to unfold, updates will be provided to keep the public informed about developments and safety measures.

Local communities are advised to stay vigilant, adhere to evacuation orders, and cooperate with emergency services personnel on the ground. The City of Cape Town remains on high alert, closely monitoring the situation and deploying necessary resources to mitigate the impact of the wildfire.

Pringle Bay residents are encouraged to seek refuge in designated evacuation centres, where support and assistance will be provided. The collective efforts of firefighting teams, emergency services, and the community are crucial in addressing the evolving challenges posed by the wildfire in Pringle Bay.

The City of Cape Town expresses gratitude to all those involved in the firefighting efforts and assures the public that every possible measure is being taken to protect lives and property. Further updates on the situation will be communicated as they become available.



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