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Sivuyile Residential Facility Devastated by Fire

Michael Hawthorne

In a commendable display of efficiency and resilience, the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) is currently assessing the extensive damage caused by a fire at its Sivuyile residential facility. The incident unfolded at 10 am on Thursday, impacting two buildings and prompting a rapid response to ensure the safety of all 110 residents, the majority of whom are bed or wheelchair-bound.

The quick intervention of dedicated staff members ensured a swift evacuation, with all residents moved to safety within minutes. Fortunately, no injuries were reported among residents or staff, but the fire caused significant structural damage, resulting in the collapse of a large portion of the roof.

The affected buildings have been deemed uninhabitable, with supplies such as medical equipment, bedding, mattresses, clothing, and toys succumbing to the flames and subsequent water damage. Despite these challenges, the resilience of the Sivuyile team has shone through as they promptly established temporary alternative accommodation on the Stikland premises, guaranteeing the uninterrupted provision of services to the residents.

Dr. Robert Macdonald, Head of the Western Cape Department of Social Development, expressed his gratitude to the Sivuyile team for their calm and swift actions during the emergency. He acknowledged their efforts in ensuring the safety of residents and the establishment of temporary accommodations to maintain critical services.

“I extend my sincere thanks to the Sivuyile team who remained calm moved the residents to safety, and very quickly set up temporary alternative accommodation to ensure the continuation of services,” said Dr. Macdonald.

Collaboration is underway between the Western Cape Departments of Infrastructure and Health and Wellness to provide the necessary support. DSD is actively working with these departments to devise a comprehensive plan for the recovery and rehabilitation of the affected facility.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Esther Lewis, Head of Communications for the Department of Social Development, Western Cape Government, affirmed that the department is committed to uncovering the root cause to prevent future incidents.

As the assessment continues, the Cape Navigator will provide updates on the progress of recovery efforts and the steps being taken to restore the Sivuyile residential facility to full functionality.


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