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Impersonator Alert: Fake Medical Doctor Operating in Cape Town

Michael Hawthorne

In a shocking revelation, a criminal impersonating a local Cape Town medical doctor is being sought for conducting consultations and distributing sick notes under the guise of a well-known local General Practitioner. The legitimate Dr Laylah Fayker took to social media to warn the public, expressing her anger at the imposter’s audacity.

According to Dr Fayker’s post on social media, the impersonator is actively seeing patients and providing medical documentation. Her post read, “There’s a person in Cape Town impersonating me and doing consults with sick notes. WHEN I CATCH YOU 😑😑😑😑😑.”

As of now, no additional information about the impersonator has been disclosed. The public is urged to remain vigilant and to verify credentials to ensure the safety of those seeking medical care.

The genuine Dr Laylah Fayker can be easily verified through her official social media accounts: @lazyorlaylah on X and @drlaylah_capetownmed on Instagram (which has since been deactivated). Additionally, her contact details include a phone number (0620052300) and a physical address (2nd floor, 74 Loop Street, Cape Town).

Dr Fayker operates under the banner of Cape Town Med, emphasizing a patient-centred and collaborative healthcare experience. The medical practice offers both in-person and telemedicine consultations, making healthcare accessible to all.

To protect yourself from potential impersonators, it’s crucial to verify your doctor’s credentials. The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) provides a reliable method to check a doctor’s registration status. Visit the iRegister section on the HPCSA website (iRegister) and enter the doctor’s name or registration number for verification.

In addition to the official HPCSA register, it’s recommended to conduct online searches of provided contact numbers. A lack of information or suspicious findings may indicate a potential fraud. Checking Google Reviews can also serve as an indicator of a doctor’s legitimacy.

South Africans are advised to be cautious of doctors who are not registered with the HPCSA and those who advertise services through unconventional means, such as leaflets or street banners. Any concerns about a doctor’s conduct should be reported to the HPCSA.

As the investigation into the impersonator continues, the public must exercise due diligence when seeking medical assistance to ensure the authenticity of healthcare professionals in Cape Town and beyond.


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