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[WATCH] Heroic Dog and Quick-Thinking Officer Save Man from Icy Peril

Michael Hawthorne

USA – In a heart-pounding rescue operation, a Michigan State Police officer, Kammeron Bennetts, displayed quick thinking and resourcefulness to save a 65-year-old man who had fallen into a frozen lake. What made this rescue even more extraordinary was the unexpected hero – the man’s loyal dog, Ruby.

Officer Bennetts was on general patrol when an urgent alert came over the dispatch system about a water rescue, specifically an ice rescue. The victim was a 65-year-old man who had plunged through the icy surface of Beus Lake. Time was of the essence, and Officer Bennetts raced to the scene, armed with an open-water rescue disc.

However, as he ventured onto the ice, which had already proven treacherous, he realized he couldn’t get close enough to the struggling man. Undeterred, Officer Bennetts threw the rescue disc, but it fell short, leaving the victim still in imminent danger.

In a crucial moment, Officer Bennetts had to think outside the box. The only tool left at his disposal was a four-legged one – Ruby, the man’s dog. With the owner’s consent, Officer Bennetts called out to Ruby, who proved to be a highly trained and responsive companion.

“Ruby, here!” Officer Bennetts commanded, and to everyone’s amazement, Ruby bounded over. The officer quickly attached the rescue disc to Ruby’s collar and watched as she navigated the ice to deliver it to her owner.

Ruby’s owner, in the frigid water for about 16 minutes, managed to grab the disc attached to a rope. Officer Bennetts skillfully executed the rescue, guiding the man to safety with clear commands. Thanks to their combined efforts, what could have been the last 16 minutes of life turned into a triumphant survival story.

Reflecting on the harrowing experience, Officer Bennetts emphasized the importance of quick thinking and the unpredictable yet invaluable role played by Ruby. In the end, whether it was the officer, the dog, or both, what mattered most was the successful rescue and the preservation of a precious life.


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