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Cape Forum Urges Reinstatement of Security Detail for Slain Lieutenant Colonel Kinnear’s Widow

Michael Hawthorne

CAPE TOWN – The civil rights organization Cape Forum has taken a firm stand in the aftermath of the withdrawal of security detail for Nicolette Kinnear, the widow of the late Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear, who was brutally murdered in September 2020. In an urgent letter addressed to Western Cape District Commissioner Maj Gen Vincent Beaton, Cape Forum emphasizes the critical need to reinstate the security detail for the Kinnear family, citing factually incorrect information in a confidential intelligence report as the basis for the withdrawal.

The confidential report, which is now in the possession of Cape Forum, alleges that Lt Col Charl Kinnear attended a meeting in September 2021, a claim debunked by the organization. “We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Lt Col Kinnear lost his life in the year 2020 (18 September). Yet your report would suggest that Charl Kinnear sent Facebook photos and attended a meeting in 2021 (16 September). How is this possible? If your report can make such a simple error, how can you ensure, without resealable doubt, that the Kinnear family is indeed safe and does not require protection?” reads a part of Cape Forum’s letter to Maj Gen Beaton.

Bernard Pieters, Manager of Community Activation at Cape Forum, stressed the importance of prioritizing the Kinnear family’s protection, especially considering the nature of Lt Col Kinnear’s murder. “It is the responsibility of the SAPS to uphold the family’s human rights in this respect. They must simply provide the assurance that the safety of individuals involved in legal action can be ensured and ensure that justice will be done without any intimidation,” Pieters stated.

The organization argues that the withdrawal of security is based on misleading and false intelligence, putting the Kinnear family at risk. Cape Forum contends that reinstating the security detail, at least until the conclusion of the court cases surrounding Lt Col Kinnear’s murder, is of utmost importance. This would enable Nicolette Kinnear to testify in court without fear for her or her family’s safety.

As the Cape Forum continues to push for justice and the protection of human rights, the spotlight remains on the South African Police Service to rectify the security measures surrounding the Kinnear family. The organization asserts that ensuring the safety of those involved in legal proceedings is not only a moral obligation but a fundamental requirement for the pursuit of justice.

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