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Planned Water Supply Maintenance in Strand Rescheduled to 31 January 2024

Michael Hawthorne

STRAND – The planned water supply maintenance work in Strand, originally scheduled for Thursday, 25 January 2024, has been rescheduled to Wednesday, 31 January 2024. The maintenance work, involving crucial water meter installations, will take place from 10:00 until 17:00.

The City sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused by this rescheduling and emphasizes its commitment to careful planning to minimize disruptions to the water supply. Considerable thought has gone into selecting a time frame that causes the least inconvenience to residents.

The statement highlights that all sites where water and sanitation repairs and upgrades are undertaken are treated as construction sites and are off-limits to the public. The City acknowledges that sometimes maintenance work can be more complex than anticipated, potentially leading to extended durations. Residents are advised to follow @CityofCTAlerts, the official City of Cape Town X account, for real-time updates on the maintenance work and the location of water tankers where applicable.

Residents are also urged to prepare for planned water supply disruptions by storing enough water in clean, sealed containers for use during the maintenance period. Additionally, keeping taps closed is recommended to prevent water loss and potential damage when the water supply is restored.

Residents need to note that, for a short period following the restoration of the water supply, the water may appear discoloured or milky due to trapped air in the pipes. However, this is a temporary phenomenon, and the water will return to its normal clarity if left to stand in a glass.

CoCT published the statement and assures residents that every effort is being made to ensure a smooth and efficient execution of the maintenance work. The City appreciates the cooperation and understanding of residents during these essential infrastructure improvements.


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