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Leaders by Design: Transformative Leadership for a Thriving Tomorrow

Michael Hawthorne

In the bustling world of leadership, where innovation meets human connection, meet the power couple behind Leaders by Design: Celesté and Kobus Meyburgh. Pioneers of a bespoke 6-month program, they’re on a mission to reshape leadership and cultivate self-aware, impactful leaders.

Celesté Meyburgh
Kobus Meyburgh

Uncover Your Unique Leadership Identity

Celesté, the insightful mind and Registered Psychometrist draws upon her wealth of experience to help you navigate the intricate realm of your personality. Using tools like the Enneagram and MBTI, she guides you to discover your true potential, fostering an understanding that transcends professional growth.

Playful Perspectives and Strategic Innovation

Meet Kobus Meyburgh, the father, husband, and strategic innovator. With over two decades of diverse consulting and executive experience, he coaches leaders to break free from stagnation. His superpower? Unpacking ideas and fostering new perspectives. Through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Kobus injects a sense of play into strategic workshops, leading you to cohesive teams, fresh insights, and innovative solutions.

A Personal Touch to Leadership Development

At Leaders by Design, it’s not just about professional growth – it’s a journey enriched with personal touches. Celesté, juggling the roles of a professional and a playful parent, brings a unique warmth to the program. Kobus, the lover of brands and people, infuses creativity into every aspect, ensuring that your leadership journey is both impactful and enjoyable.

Your 6-Month Leadership Adventure

Embark on a transformative 6-month journey, where you’ll delve into modules that build confidence, enhance emotional intelligence, and empower you to lead with purpose. From discovering your leadership identity to playing your way to cohesive teams, each month brings a unique experience tailored to your growth.

Join Leaders by Design Today

Elevate your leadership, uncover your potential, and make a lasting impact. Join Celesté and Kobus Meyburgh on this innovative journey. As they say, “Lead confidently, play strategically, and shape a thriving tomorrow.”

Ready to Transform Your Leadership Style?

Visit to embark on your leadership adventure. Uncover your potential, lead confidently, and design a future where impactful leadership thrives.


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