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Excellent Water Quality at Camps Bay Defies Social Media Misinformation

Michael Hawthorne

In a resounding victory against false claims circulating on social media, the latest water quality sampling results for Camps Bay have been deemed excellent by the independent South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Laboratory. The City of Cape Town released the results on Monday evening, 22 January, effectively refuting misinformation regarding the coastal water quality at one of Cape Town’s most iconic beaches.

Camps Bay, renowned for its pristine Blue Flag status, attracts visitors and locals alike as a premier destination for relaxation and recreation. The recent controversy stemmed from a social media account asserting that lighter patches along the shoreline were indicative of sewage pollution. However, the City took decisive action to dispel these claims.

On Friday, 19 January, the City undertook an open and transparent water quality sampling test at Camps Bay, specifically focusing on the white discoloured area and off Granger Bay, where similar concerns had been raised. A representative from the Camps Bay community, an independent civil engineer, and an independent marine scientist were invited to witness the sampling process. The collected water samples were then delivered to the SABS Laboratory for analysis, with results received on the evening of Monday, 22 January.

The SABS results, according to global standards of coastal water quality, were consistently excellent across all six samples. This ongoing testing is part of the Blue Flag program, showcasing the City’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of water quality at its beaches.

In recent weeks, a social media user had been disseminating misinformation about lighter patches along the shorelines of Camps Bay and Green Point, falsely associating them with sewage. The City’s Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Eddie Andrews, clarified that the white discolouration at Camps Bay is likely due to calcium carbonate leaching from the beach and nearshore environment, not human pollution.

Alderman Andrews urged the public to be cautious of misinformation spread on social media, emphasizing that the City remains committed to transparency. He stated, “Our undertaking remains that where there is any basis for these claims, the City will not hesitate to take immediate action.”

The City’s latest coastal water quality sampling results, including those for Camps Bay, can be accessed on their official website here. The results demonstrate excellent water quality not only at Camps Bay but also across key recreational beaches and nodes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

As Cape Town’s coastal waters continue to thrive with organic richness, the City remains vigilant in dispelling misinformation and maintaining the highest standards of water quality along its picturesque coastline.

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