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AA Warns of Possible Fuel Price Increases in February

Michael Hawthorne

Unaudited fuel data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) suggests potential increases in all grades of fuel, except for illuminating paraffin. The Automobile Association (AA) has issued a press release on the mid-January fuel price outlook, expressing a negative view of the anticipated fuel prices for February.

According to the AA, consumers should brace for a slight uptick in prices, with expectations of around 11 cents per litre for ULP95, 14 cents per litre for ULP93, and 9 cents per litre for diesel. In contrast, illuminating paraffin is projected to see a marginal decrease of approximately 3 cents per litre.

The AA attributes the expected fuel price increases to a weaker Rand to US Dollar exchange rate, albeit by a small margin. However, stable international oil prices are exerting a reverse impact, leading to lower illuminating paraffin prices, the Association notes.

It is emphasized that this mid-month data is subject to change before the official announcement of the February fuel price adjustments by the Department of Resources and Energy towards month-end. Despite the uncertainty, the AA advises motorists to allocate a little extra to their February fuel budgets.

The AA also underscores the importance of vehicle maintenance, stating that a well-maintained vehicle is more fuel-efficient in the long run. Additionally, the Association highlights the role of properly maintained tires, which not only impact safety but can also contribute to better fuel economy.

The official adjustment of fuel prices is scheduled for February 7, the first Wednesday of the month. The AA clarifies that it does not regulate or adjust fuel prices in South Africa; the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy is the sole entity responsible for these adjustments.


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