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Neglected Road Repairs Plague Panorama for 4 Months: COCT Under Fire

Michael Hawthorne

PAROW – Residents in Panorama, Cape Town, are expressing frustration over the prolonged delay in road repairs following a burst water pipe incident that occurred last year. Despite multiple complaints and reported incidents, the City of Cape Town (COCT) has allegedly failed to address the pressing issue, leaving residents in dismay.

One concerned resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been tirelessly reporting the deteriorating road conditions in Panorama for the past four months. The resident claims that the road repair requests have fallen on deaf ears, with some reported incidents even being marked as resolved without any noticeable action being taken.

Alk Van Zyl Avenue

In a statement to The Cape Navigator, the resident revealed, “I have been reporting the road works needed in Alk Van Zyl Avenue, particularly at the Constantia Street intersection, since the burst water pipe incident last year. Despite numerous tickets and complaints, nothing has been done. I even had an official from the COCT contact me in November, and still, the situation persists.”

The frustrated resident further highlighted the lack of responsiveness from both the local authorities and the ward councillor. “I contacted the ward councillor on January 3, 2024, and to my dismay, there has been no progress or communication regarding the matter,” the resident lamented.

Providing a list of reference numbers for the reported incidents – 9116029623, 9115895346, 9116174808, 1020238436, 9116374826, 9116112570, 7200589524, and Ref W3 notification 005000222377 – the resident emphasized the urgency of the situation. “This is not just about inconvenience; it’s a matter of safety. There is also a hazardous hole at the corner of Charles Stassen & Alk Van Zyl, which appeared about two weeks after the burst pipe incident in Alk Van Zyl Avenue,” the resident added.

The Cape Navigator contacted the COCT for a statement; however, as of the time of publication, we have only received an acknowledgement confirming the receipt of our media inquiry. The community hopes that increased media attention will prompt swift action from the authorities to address the outstanding road repairs and ensure the safety of residents in Panorama.

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