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Elephant Bracelet’s Journey: A Tale of Lost and Found Sparks #CapeTownKindness Movement

Michael Hawthorne

BLOUBERSTRAND – In a heartwarming display of kindness and community spirit, Celesté Meyburgh’s recent beach discovery turned into a miraculous reunion that has warmed the hearts of Cape Town residents. On a Wednesday morning at Bloubergstrand’s Ons Huisie, Celesté stumbled upon a unique gold bracelet adorned with tiny elephants.

Golden elephant bracelet Celesté found on the beach.

Little did she know, this seemingly extraordinary find would set off a chain of events that exemplifies the true essence of #CapeTownKindness.

Taking to the Bloubergstranders Facebook group, Celesté posted a message that would eventually reach the bracelet’s owner. Her post read, “I picked up a unique gold bracelet in front of Ons Huisie on Wednesday morning (17 Jan). Please DM me if it’s yours.”

As reactions to the post flooded in, Celesté’s efforts paid off, and she successfully located the owner of the bracelet, Paula Brown. Paula, responding to Celesté’s post, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I’ve been trusting in a miracle. 💫✨”

In a conversation with The Cape Navigator, Celesté shared the story behind finding the bracelet. After completing a cold water immersion session at Blouberg, Celesté noticed a distinctive gold bracelet glinting on the ground. Adorned with tiny elephants, the bracelet struck a chord with her spiritual connection to these majestic creatures. Acknowledging its significance, she took to Facebook, initiating the process that would lead to a heartwarming reunion with its rightful owner.

Paula’s response, inquiring about the presence of tiny elephants on the bracelet, served as confirmation to Celesté that the bracelet indeed belonged to Paula.

Paula, a life coach, detailed the bracelet’s sentimental value and the deep connection she and her husband, Steve Brown, share with elephants. The loss of the bracelet was a moment of deep sorrow for them, transcending its monetary value.

Paula and Steve Brown.

Sentimental Significance

Paula shared the profound significance behind the bracelet that has captured the hearts of Cape Town residents. Married for 33 years, Paula received the bracelet from Steve on their 14th wedding anniversary. Each of the 16 tiny elephants on the bracelet symbolized a year of their enduring journey together. Elephants, for them, held a special place, with memories of their honeymoon spent at Addo Elephant Park and birthdays celebrated amidst these majestic creatures.

Ivory for Elephants Only: A Symbolic Shift in Celebration

Steve highlighted that a 14th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with ivory. However, due to ethical concerns surrounding poaching, an elephant-themed gift has now replaced ‘ivory’ as the preferred gift. Paula says this choice adds another layer of symbolism, underlining the extraordinary significance of the bracelet in their journey and their commitment to responsible and compassionate practices.

Paula’s beloved bracelet.

Profound Loss leads to Moment of Kindness

The loss of the bracelet, occurring on the day after her birthday during an ocean swim, plunged Paula into a deep sense of loss.

In a quest to recover the cherished item, Steve tirelessly searched high and low, reflecting on their past experiences of returning lost items he had found on the beach to their rightful owners. Paula’s connection to the bracelet went beyond its material worth, emphasizing the shared belief with her husband that performing good deeds in the world could bring unexpected moments of kindness in return.

The reunion, orchestrated by Celesté’s act of kindness, reassured Paula that, amidst a world seemingly torn apart, there are still profound moments of humanity and goodness to be found.

Steve, an avid beach runner who often returns lost items to their owners, saw this reunion as a manifestation of the adage, “What goes around comes around.”

Kindness Rewarded

To express their gratitude, Paula and Steve presented Celesté with a luxurious candle and an exquisite bottle of wine. The kindness displayed in this heartwarming reunion aligns perfectly with The Cape Navigator’s #CapeTownKindness initiative. The publication recently kicked off the “Random Acts of Kindness” challenge, encouraging residents to engage in small acts of kindness.

Be Inspired, Act Kind

The Cape Navigator has rewarded Celesté’s kindness with the very first reward in the #CapeTownKindness initiative, a gesture that seeks to cultivate positivity and strengthen community bonds. With four opportunities remaining, businesses are poised to claim a month of complimentary advertising, underscoring the genuine intention behind each kind gesture, irrespective of scale.

As the community rallies behind the #CapeTownKindness movement, The Cape Navigator aims to showcase the positive spirit within Cape Town and inspire residents to continue spreading goodwill. Residents are encouraged to participate by documenting their acts of kindness and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #CapeTownKindness.

Let this heartening tale of the lost and found bracelet serve as a reminder that kindness, no matter how small, has the power to create a ripple effect of positivity and make Cape Town a better place for all.


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