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Brave Tour Guide Fights Back: Mugger’s Last Stand on Cape Town’s Pipe Track Ends in Tragedy

Michael Hawthorne

CAMPS BAY, CAPE TOWN – In a shocking incident on Sunday, a group of hikers along the iconic pipe track faced a terrifying confrontation with two muggers. Quick thinking and courage prevailed as the tour guide, armed with pepper spray, managed to repel the assailants. However, the story took a tragic turn when one of the muggers met an untimely end.

City of Cape Town’s Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith, provided preliminary details stating, “Details are still being confirmed, but it seems that on Sunday, a group of hikers was being led along the pipe track when they were confronted by two muggers.”

The situation escalated when the tour guide swiftly deployed pepper spray, causing both assailants to flee the scene. Law enforcement authorities, including the South African Police Service (SAPS) and members of the South African National Parks (SANParks), became involved in the subsequent investigation.

Luxury Watches

Efforts to recover a stolen mobile phone, still showing its location close to the site of the robbery, led SAPS and SANParks back to the scene today. The search took a grim turn when it was discovered that one of the muggers had fallen off the trail along with stolen possessions.

“At the time of his discovery, no vital signs were present,” stated JP Smith. The cause of death and surrounding circumstances are expected to undergo a thorough investigation by SAPS.

While the identity of the deceased mugger remains undisclosed, this incident highlights the unpredictable dangers that can be faced by those enjoying the scenic trails of Cape Town. The bravery of the tour guide and the tragic outcome serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with criminal activities in popular outdoor spaces.

Eye-Witness Account by Peter Flentov: A Mountain Adventure Turned Nightmare

The incident unfolded during what was supposed to be a picturesque mountain adventure for a group of nine hikers, according to an account shared by Peter Flentov on The Atlantic Seaboard Community Forum Facebook group.

Slangolie Ravine

The group gathered at the parking lot below Suikerbossie at 7:00, embarking on a journey to hike the length of the Twelve Apostles from Suikerbosssie to Camps Bay. The hikers ascended Llandudno Ravine, traversed Judas Peak and Grootkop, and were nearing the end of their hike, descending down Corridor Ravine towards Slangolie Ravine.

Trouble struck around 15:00 in the afternoon when a smaller group, including the guide and a hiker assisting a struggling companion, heard commotion up ahead. Unbeknownst to the assailants, the guide concealed pepper spray behind his arm, preparing for a potential confrontation.

As the smaller group caught up, the assailants, holding a knife to a victim’s throat, demanded everyone to sit down. The guide, maintaining composure, handed over an old “defunct” phone meant for such situations, insisting he had no money.

Seizing a moment of distraction, the guide deployed the pepper spray towards one assailant, causing a scream and a backward leap that tragically led to the assailant falling off the trail.

The second assailant fled towards the Pipe Track, passing a terrified consulate member who had been mugged earlier. The group, shaken by the experience, continued their descent towards Theresa Avenue in Rontree Estate, Camps Bay.

The guide, displaying remarkable resilience, returned to the scene with TMNP rangers and Law Enforcement to search for the fallen assailant. Despite their efforts, the search had to be called off at 21:30 due to nightfall. The body of the assailant was eventually recovered on Monday.

This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by outdoor enthusiasts and the unpredictable turns that can unfold in the scenic trails of Cape Town.

The Cape Navigator will continue to monitor this story closely and provide updates as more details emerge.

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