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City of Cape Town Proposes Shift from Snail Mail to Email for Planning Notifications

Michael Hawthorne

To streamline communication and enhance accessibility, the City of Cape Town is calling on residents and sub-councils to participate in a public consultation process aimed at soliciting feedback on a proposed shift in the method of delivering notifications related to certain application types. The initiative is part of an ongoing drive to improve the Municipal Planning By-law (MPBL) procedures.

From today, 22 January 2024, until Thursday, 22 February 2024, residents are encouraged to engage in the public participation process, sharing their insights on the suggested prescription to transition from traditional registered mail to electronic mail (email). The City aims to enhance the notification process for applications falling under the MPBL, providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to the current method.

City officials acknowledge the challenges faced by residents in collecting registered mail from the South African Post Office (SAPO). In response to these concerns, Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning, Alderman Eddie Andrews, expressed the City’s commitment to a more inclusive and practical approach.

“We are aware of the challenges that some residents experience when collecting their registered mail from the Post Office. As a City that cares and listens, we are proposing that electronic mail be prescribed as the acceptable notification method. Electronic mail, or email, is far more efficient and practical for all parties concerned. It would also have a cost benefit to applicants as they do not have to pay for registered letters. We would love to hear from you on this proposal,” said Alderman Eddie Andrews.

The proposed prescription is detailed in an advertisement accessible through this link. Residents and stakeholders are invited to submit their comments between Monday, 22 January 2024, and Thursday, 22 February 2024, via email to or through the website

Recognizing the diversity of the community, the City’s Public Participation Unit will assist individuals who may face challenges in submitting their comments. This includes those who cannot read or write, people living with disabilities, and individuals from disadvantaged groups. Contact Anthea Bendie at 021 400 1450 or for assistance.

For inquiries regarding the proposed prescription, Schalk De Jager can be reached via email at

The City of Cape Town encourages active participation from the community to ensure that the proposed shift to email notifications aligns with the needs and preferences of its residents.


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