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Communication Breakdown: City of Cape Town Faces Backlash as Residents Struggle with Unresponsive Email Contacts

Michael Hawthorne

Frustration is mounting among Cape Town residents as they grapple with unresponsive email contacts from the City of Cape Town (CoCT). Numerous complaints have flooded the city’s social media platforms, with residents expressing their dissatisfaction over the lack of communication and assistance.

One resident, local doctor Leigh DD, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice her concerns. Despite repeated attempts to contact the city through both phone calls and emails, Leigh shared her exasperation, stating, “I have emailed, logged 5 requests since Jan 8, and nothing is forthcoming.” She further expressed her frustration in trying to obtain a copy of her latest electricity invoice.

In response to Leigh’s plea, the City of Cape Town’s official Twitter account directed her to the Accounts Department’s phone line and email address. However, Leigh retorted, “I have done so 5 times – nothing happens.” The struggle seems to be a common theme among residents, as others shared similar experiences of unresponsive email communication.

Corne Kok, a concerned citizen, highlighted her predicament, saying, “I have tried multiple times but still am not receiving my municipal account via email. I’m a COCT citizen that wants to pay my account, but how am I supposed to do so without receiving my statements?”

Emma G echoed the sentiment, noting, “I have sent the accounts department 3 times and only get emails to respond to a ‘no-reply’ email asking for popi info which I have now repeatedly sent. Your accounts email is useless, and I can’t submit documents over the phone.”

Even residents who are no longer residing in South Africa expressed their frustrations. Dappere Dodo, who has since returned to the Netherlands, complained about receiving invoices despite selling the house in 2021. The City of Cape Town’s response to Dodo’s issue seemed to fall on deaf ears, as Dodo reiterated, “I did it several times, and my lawyer as well.”

In a separate incident, a resident named شفيقة complained about unresponsiveness after attempting to contact the city directly by phone. Despite three calls, شفيقة claimed to have received no response.

The Cape Navigator attempted to seek clarity on the matter by emailing the General Enquiries address on Friday morning, January 19, at 8:00 but has not received any response as of the time of reporting.

With residents facing ongoing challenges in their attempts to communicate with the City of Cape Town, questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the city’s current communication channels and the impact on essential services. The Cape Navigator will continue to investigate and provide updates on this developing story.


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