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Over 376,000 Transgressions and Nearly 6,000 Narcotics Confiscated Over Holidays in Cape Town

Michael Hawthorne

In the wake of the festive season, December 2023 presented a diverse set of challenges for Cape Town’s enforcement and emergency services, as revealed by the recently released statistics. The City’s vigilant efforts resulted in a significant increase in arrests, drug and firearm confiscations, and a noticeable spike in vegetation fires, with other key figures providing insights into the overall safety and security landscape.

Enforcement Services Highlights:

City enforcement agencies made a total of 1,977 arrests during December 2023, marking an increase from the previous year. Notable achievements include the recovery of 23 firearms and almost 6,000 units of narcotics, along with recording an impressive 376,889 traffic and by-law transgressions.

Law enforcement officers, at the forefront of the city’s safety initiatives, recorded a total of 1,341 arrests. They issued 24,378 fines and recovered 17 firearms while making 58 arrests linked to firearms and/or imitation firearms. Drug confiscations also saw a rise, reaching 3,587 units, emphasizing the ongoing battle against illegal substances in the city.

Metro Police officers contributed to the impressive statistics with 234 arrests, including 45 for drunk driving. They issued 19,728 fines for various traffic and by-law violations, while also recovering six firearms and confiscating 2,350 units of drugs.

Cape Town Traffic Officers played a crucial role with 402 arrests, including 346 for driving under the influence. Additionally, they executed 9,923 warrants, impounded 859 public transport vehicles, and recorded an astonishing 332,783 transgressions.

Alderman JP Smith, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, commended the dedication of the enforcement services, emphasizing the importance of proactive and visible policing in achieving these results.

Emergency Services Highlights:

The Fire & Rescue Service responded to a total of 3,888 emergency incidents, including 2,425 vegetation fires, 272 informal residential fires, and 319 motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, 20 lives were lost due to fires during this period.

The Public Emergency Communication Centre (PECC) recorded 21,020 incidents, with 37% being calls for medical assistance and 20% related to by-law transgressions. Although assault incidents decreased, domestic violence incidents saw a concerning 10% increase.

The Disaster Risk Management Centre’s dedicated volunteers played a crucial role in ensuring beachgoer safety during the festive season. With 985 volunteers on board, they responded swiftly to emergencies, including two drowning incidents and numerous blue bottle stings.

While the statistics reflect a mixed bag of challenges and successes, Alderman JP Smith urged citizens to remain vigilant and report incidents to ensure the safety of the community.

The Cape Navigator will continue to monitor and report on developments in Cape Town’s safety and emergency response efforts.


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