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Sunset Snafu: Sunset Pickpockets Pestering Signal Hill

Michael Hawthorne

Heed the horizon, not handbags: Signal Hill sunset turns sour for some as pickpockets lurk beneath the beauty.

The iconic panorama of Cape Town bathed in golden light draws locals and tourists alike to Signal Hill’s grassy slopes. But amidst the breathtaking sunsets, a less picturesque trend is emerging – stealthy thefts marring the experience. A recent Facebook post in a local community group raised the alarm, with a concerned citizen recounting their friend’s iPhone and another visitor’s camera being snatched by “a couple” lurking discreetly behind unsuspecting viewers.

This isn’t an isolated incident. November 2023 saw a worrying surge in crime at Signal Hill and neighbouring Lion’s Head. From muggings during daylight hours to nighttime pickpocketing under the cloak of darkness, these picturesque peaks have become hunting grounds for opportunistic thieves. Local authorities and park management issued warnings, urging visitors to stick to daylight hours and avoid venturing out after sunset. Even then, caution remains key. A British tourist, a seasoned athlete and former army captain, fell victim to a knifepoint robbery in November, losing valuables while training on the northern slopes.

The concern runs deep. Take Back Our Mountains, a community safety group, reports a significant increase in muggings since March 2023. Park rangers and police reportedly collaborate to ramp up security, but vigilance remains crucial.

Here’s how you can stay safe while enjoying the breathtaking vistas:

Remember, criminals prey on vulnerability and distraction. By staying alert and taking simple precautions, you can turn your Signal Hill sunset experience into a memory worth cherishing, not one marred by theft. Let’s reclaim our iconic landmarks for safe and enjoyable visits for all.

Report any suspicious activity to park rangers or call the SAPS emergency number on 10111.

This news article aims to raise awareness about the recent spate of thefts at Signal Hill and provide essential safety tips for visitors.


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