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Urgent Warning: Sewage Crisis at Kleinbaai Prompts Immediate Action

Michael Hawthorne

OVERBERG – Residents and beachgoers in Kleinbaai are urged to exercise extreme caution as a sewage crisis has emerged, turning the once pristine waters into a potential health hazard. The Cape Navigator has received a warning notice posted by Lizzy Botha in the Blouberstranders Facebook group alerting the public to refrain from swimming at Kleinbaai until further notice.

The issue was brought to light by concerned citizens who observed a significant increase in sewage contamination, prompting a swift response from local authorities. Councillor Paul Swart has played a crucial role in addressing the matter, and we extend our thanks for his proactive involvement.

Upon learning about the alarming situation the City of Cape Town (CoCT) was contacted to seek updates on the response efforts. According to the latest information received, a dedicated team from the CoCT is en route to assess the extent of the problem and implement necessary measures to mitigate the sewage issue.

In the interest of public safety, residents are strongly advised not to swim at Kleinbaai until further notice. The City of Cape Town has been approached to expedite the installation of warning signs along the beach to alert visitors and locals about the potential dangers.

It is crucial for everyone to understand the gravity of the situation and comply with the advisory to avoid any health risks associated with sewage exposure. Swimming in contaminated waters can lead to a range of illnesses, including gastroenteritis and skin infections. The Cape Navigator strongly urges residents to prioritize their well-being and adhere to the warnings issued by local authorities.

As the CoCT team works diligently to address the sewage problem, it is essential for the community to stay informed and follow updates from official channels. The Cape Navigator will continue to monitor the situation and provide timely information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, we emphasize the importance of spreading the word to friends, family, and fellow residents about the current sewage crisis at Kleinbaai. By working together and staying vigilant, we can contribute to a safer environment for all in our community.


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