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Flaffy the Cute Oldie Seeks Loving Family for a Second Chance at Life

Michael Hawthorne

GRABOUW – In a heartwarming tale of resilience and hope, Flaffy, a senior dog in desperate need of care and affection, is looking to be adopted by a loving family in South Africa. Despite enduring years on the streets, Flaffy has managed to survive and is now seeking a comfortable retirement filled with love and pampering.

Flaffy’s journey has not been an easy one. Upon surrendering the poor oldie, it became evident that he was severely underweight, covered in ticks, and had an old injury in his hind leg. After undergoing thorough examinations, it was determined that Flaffy’s leg had shortened, making it difficult for him to use it as much as the other. However, in his golden years, he does not require any surgery.

Believed to be around ten years old or older, Flaffy is accustomed to living with other dogs but has not shared a home with cats. Having spent most of his life on the streets, day and night, Flaffy is now in desperate need of a peaceful and stress-free environment. Weighing a mere 11kg at the moment, Flaffy is a perfect-sized companion, seeking a loving family who can help him regain a healthy weight.

The animal rescue organization R.A.D (Rescue Animal Drive) is determined to find Flaffy his forever home. They are looking for an easy-going household with an enclosed garden where Flaffy can enjoy his well-deserved retirement, showered with love and spoiled beyond imagination. Despite the trials he has faced, Flaffy has proven to be a survivor, and now it’s time for him to receive the care and comfort he deserves.

If you believe you have the warmth and love to offer Flaffy, please reach out to R.A.D at or Let’s join forces and give this adorable oldie the second chance at life he so desperately deserves. Together, we can make a difference and give Flaffy the happy ending he’s been patiently waiting for.

R.A.D, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities of Botriver and Grabouw in the Western Cape. Their main focus is on outreach work in poorer communities, where they aim to facilitate sterilization of domestic animals as a means of responsible pet ownership. They have successfully sterilized over 5,000 domestic animals through monthly spay days and vet appointments. In addition to sterilization, R.A.D provides subsidized veterinary care, including surgeries and general healthcare. They also have a dipping schedule to treat dogs with mange.

R.A.D’s commitment extends beyond medical care, as they assist families with unchaining dogs, providing running lines or fencing for their safety. Their fieldwork policies ensure that pets receive necessary medical treatment and sterilization. Raising funds for sterilizations, acquiring a second vehicle, and receiving donations for their charity shop are some of their biggest needs. R.A.D’s dedication to their cause and their impact on the community is commendable. They strive to provide the same level of medical care to pets as private clients and are proud of the successful operations and wound treatments they have performed.

Despite the desire for a small clinic, security concerns in Grabouw make it difficult to establish one. Donations and support for their charity shop in Grabouw play a crucial role in sustaining their initiatives. Foster homes in the Helderberg/Overberg area are also needed. R.A.D’s commitment to improving the well-being of animals and the community shines through their work.


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