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49 New Galaxies Uncovered by MeerKAT in 2 Hours

Cosmic treasure hunt! The MeerKAT telescope strikes gold with the discovery of 49 gas-rich galaxies, nicknamed the '49ers'.

NORTHERN CAPE – The MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa continues to demonstrate its incredible capabilities by aiding in the discovery of 49 new gas-rich galaxies. The serendipitous discovery came during a short observation session of just over two hours, far exceeding the expectations of the researchers who were initially aiming to study just a […]

LPG Facility in Hermanus to Conduct Siren Test on Friday

Stock photo by Brett Jordan.

HERMANUS – A new bulk Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) depot, the Gas Hub, will soon open in the Hermanus Business Park. As part of safety regulations, a siren test will be conducted on Friday, April 5, 2024, between 12:00 and 13:00. The siren, which will be very loud, is expected to be audible within a […]

[VIDEO] Mass Casualty After Container Ship Struck & Destroys Baltimore’s Key Bridge

Moments before disaster as the container ship struck Key Bridge.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A mass casualty incident has been declared in Baltimore, Maryland, after a container ship collided with the city’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing a complete collapse. Emergency responders, including the Coast Guard and fire department, are on the scene. Reports indicate that numerous vehicles and pedestrians may be in the water after […]

Bellville Woman Convicted of R3 Million Auction Fraud Scheme

Stock photo by Steve Buissinne.

Virginia Dawn Wilscot, 60, was convicted on 25 March 2024 by the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crimes Court for fraud, theft, forgery and uttering. The court heard that between 2012 and 2017, Wilscot posed as a registered agent who could buy houses and vehicles at auction for her victims. She allegedly presented them with fake and […]

South Africa Advocates for Nuclear Energy Expansion at Brussels Summit

BRUSSELS – South Africa has made a strong case for the increased utilization of nuclear energy during the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels. The nation’s ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union, Her Excellency Ms. Tokozile Xasa, delivered a statement emphasizing the critical role nuclear power plays in meeting rising energy demands while addressing […]

Urgent Search Underway for 6 Fishermen Missing at Sea

File photo of Hout Bay by Raquel Pereira.

A massive search and rescue operation is currently underway for six fishermen who are missing at sea off the coast of South Africa. The men believed to be from the Hout Bay and Hawston areas, were last seen aboard a grey Ballistic 7.8 meter RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) named “Berta Fishing Experience.” The National […]

Zandvliet R2 Billion Wastewater Upgrade Complete

Photo of Zandvliet Wastewater Treatment Works by Russell Traut.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis officially marked the completion of the R2 billion upgrade of the Zandvliet Waste Water Treatment Works on Wednesday, March 20. The project represents a major investment in sanitation infrastructure for the city, particularly benefiting lower-income households in the eastern regions. The upgrade expands the plant’s treatment capacity from 72 to […]

Shark Sighting Prompts Temporary Closure of Voëlklip and Kammabaai Beaches

Photo by Angie Tindall.

HERMANUS – Voëlklip and Kammabaai beaches in the popular coastal town of Hermanus have been temporarily closed due to a shark sighting on March 20, 2024. The closure comes after lifeguards observed sharks swimming close to the shore, posing a potential risk to swimmers. In a statement released by authorities, the beach closure is a […]

Sea Point Telkom Robbery Foiled; Four Suspects Arrested

File photo of a unrelated retail robbery.

A swift response by Cape Town Law Enforcement officers led to the arrest of four armed robbery suspects shortly after they targeted the Telkom store in Sea Point this morning. Officers were alerted to the robbery in progress. Upon patrolling the area, they identified a vehicle matching the witness descriptions and apprehended the suspects. Two […]

Young Golfer Shines: Curro Langebaan’s Jayden Naude Wins SA Kids Tournament

Jayden Naude: Taking home the trophy at the SA Kids Golf Tournament!

DURBANVILLE – Curro Langebaan is celebrating the impressive victory of one of its students, Jayden Naude. Over the weekend, Jayden secured a first-place finish in his age group (9-10 years) at the prestigious SA Kids Golf Tournament held in Durbanville. The school expressed their immense pride in Jayden’s achievement, stating, “We are extremely proud of […]

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